PICKit2 is one of the most common programmers for PIC micro-controller. PICKit2 and PICKit3 are available in the market. Here is the PICKit2 PCB Design download, for this burner as a product. I’ve been using this product for myself and local sales. Over 200 units already sold. If you want to make this product and sell it in your country you can do that using my PICKit2 PCB Design files.

Disclaimer: Electricity is always dangerous. Proper skill is required to work with electricity. Do work at your own risk. The author will not be responsible for any missus or harmful act. Most of the projects published here are open source; anything copying and directly posting on your website and then claiming it as your is a prohibited and nonsensical act. A project can be open-sourced, but to make a working product needs lots of effort. As products make money from a business, products are not free, but knowledge will always be free. If you want to grow your business using our products, you should pay for that. Thanks.

PICKit2 2.6 Software download link.

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PCB Design of PICKit2:

Besides the single-layer simplified version, we have developed the professional version too. Here is the output of the new one for PICKit2 PCB Design. The design is done utilizing SMD components on the bottom layer and DIP components on the top. I kept an external power input jack so that it can be used as a program to go storing the firmware into the EEPROMs and supplying it from a 6V to 9V power source. The Zip socket supports 40pin, 28pins, 20pins, 18pins, 16pins, 14pins & 8pins in different positions which are marked on the PCB.

PICKit2 PCB Design download


Here is our PICKit2 PCB Design:

PICKit2 PCB Design download
PICKit2 PCB Design download

& IC placement for our PICkit2 PCB:

PICKit2 PCB Design download

PICKit2 Gerber File:

PICKit2 PCB Design download:

PICKit2 PCB Design download

Using this Gerber file, you can order your PCBs at JLCPCB.com. If you have any difficulties ordering, then you can contact us. We’ll guide you.

JLCPCB.com window:

PICKit2 PCB Design download

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