Here is a list of the top 5 bench power supplies that you can buy for your workbench. This list is made after user feedback, market analysis, price analysis, and personal opinion. All these power supplies are cheap but powerful enough to support your work. So let’s find them out.

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Power supplies are a very helpful tool for an electronic workbench. We frequently need different levels of voltage & current sources for different testing. Suddenly you can’t manage the exact power source. But a variable bench power supply can help you at that right moment. During a knob, you can get your required voltage & current source within few seconds. Isn’t it helpful? What do you think?

A bench power supply is useful for the following reasons:

  1. Quick power configuration
  2. Suitable for testing a circuit
  3. Affordable &
  4. Have required protections

Before buying a new power supply for your workbench, check this list. Maybe you can find the suitable one for you.

1: Tekpower TP3005T Variable Linear DC Power Supply – the best for newbies!

The Tekpower TP3005T is in the first position on our ‘Top 5 bench power supplies’ list. Personally, I use 2 of these and I’m really satisfied with this power supply. The voltage and current can be changed digit-wise by pressing the knob and tuning them. The control is totally digital and I took a look inside. It’s really satisfactory in its performance. Not only me, but the user feedback report is also 74% user votes on this one.

Output is 0-30V & 0-5A. But you’ll get little extra beyond this range. Minimum voltage/current range you can set 0.01V & 0.001mA.

Key features:

  • High precision DC regulated power supply with 0-30 volts and 0-5 amp outputs
  • Two operational modes: constant voltage and constant current
  • Cooling fan automatic activation by built-in thermo-sensor
  • Back-lit LED Display with a 0.1V and 0.01A resolution
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Why you should buy this one?

With its easy-to-use functions and other important characteristics, the Tekpower device is the finest selection if you’re seeking a dependable lab power supply. This is the greatest option for novices and amateurs looking for the finest bench power supply.

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2: DC Power Supply Variable,0-30 V / 0-10 A LW-K3010D Adjustable Switching Regulated Power Supply

The second position of our ‘Top 5 bench power supplies’ list goes to LW-K3010D from LONGWEI. Rather than 5A, this power supply gives you 10A. The voltage range is the same as the previous one. The SMPS-based power supply is light in weight but powerful in work. You can put several of these on your front rack and no need to be tensed for the weight. This one weighs less than 2kgs and measures only 2.7*8.6*6.3inches, Applies for laboratory, school, home, electronic repair DIY, aging test, and other requirements thanks to complete test probes and output cable with alligator clips.

LONGWEI DC power supply is a professional power supply regulation device designed with a crystal clear, backlit 3-digit LED display of voltage, current, and power. Precise accuracy: 00.1V and 0.01A. You can easily tune it within 0-30V and 0-10A. Very durable and easy to observe even in low light conditions.

Key features:

  • Input voltage:AC 110V / 220V(switch selection),50Hz / 60Hz
  • Output voltage:0-30V
  • Output current:0-10A
  • Display accuracy:±1%±1
  • Efficiency:>85%
  • Operating ambient:-10°C to + 60°C / 30%RH to 90%RH

Why you should get this?

The LONGWEI variable DC power supplies are very stable, regulated DC power supplies allowing continuous adjustment of both the output voltage and output current levels. Featuring high accuracy, reliability, specially designed for factory maintenance and scientific research, product development, laboratories, schools, and electronic production lines. This device is a great ideal DIY tool while you need to repair the car and motorbike or electronics gadget. It is a quiet and easy to control item. What else do you need?

3: LONGWEI 3010DF DC Power Supply Variable 30V 10A

LONGWEI 3010DF on the 3rd position of our ‘Top 5 bench power supplies’ list is a DC regulated bench power supply. The maximum output voltage is up to 30V and the current is up to 10A. And at the same time, we still see quality reliability as the top priority for DC-regulated power supply. The series is equipped with better materials and upgraded structure which makes it higher reliable and accurate, with lower ripple and noise. The new circuit design also makes it perform better in over-voltage, over-current, overpower, overheat, and protection. Its reliability and versatility make it an indispensable and valuable tool for testing, research projects, etc, and the ideal choice for laboratories, research institutes, and R&D organizations.

This power supply also provides a USB port for phone charge or phone repair works. This USB provides 5V 2A through the port.

Key features:

  • Input voltage: 110V/220V ±10%  @ 60Hz/50Hz
  • Output voltage: 0 – 30V continuously adjustable
  • Output current: 0 – 10A continuously adjustable
  • Display: 4-digit LED display with accuracy of ±0.1% ± 1 word
  • Power supply effect: CV≤0.1%+10mV CC≤0.1%+10mA
  • Load effect: CV≤0.1%+5mV CC≤0.1%+10mV
  • Ripple and noise: CV≤10mV r.m.s. CC≤20mA r.m.s.
  • Machine efficiency: ≥80% (tested under full load)
  • Working environment: -10 °C – +40 °C Relative humidity 20% -80%

Why you should get this?

This power supply has an extra line of the display where you can see the power rating of the power outlet. It helps in various works and saves time calculating the power in watts. Besides this, this power supply has an intelligent heat management system with an internal protective shutdown system. If you work with car repair, DIY, or anything in an R&D lab or institute, this power supply is a wonder. It is quiet and simple to use the tool.

4: SKY TOPPOWER STP3010 DC Bench Power Supply Adjustable 30V /10A

STP3010 from SKY TOPPOWER is in the 4th position on our ‘Top 5 bench power supplies’ list.

The voltage, current, and power levels of the DC Power Supply are easy to use thanks to a comprehensive 3-digit LED screen with 00.1V and 0.01A accuracy. The input voltage can be manually changed to 110V or 220V through the rear switch.

It has a large fan with a smart sensor for temp control and multiple heat radiation grooves on both sides, which effectively extends the fan’s life and reduces noise.

Safety is getting priority in this power supply. Ground wire, thermal protection, Constant voltage, current protection, make it Suitable for the laboratory, electronic, communication equipment maintenance, products line, scientific research, and teaching units, Nice gift choice for DIY hobbyists.

Key features:

  • Input voltage: 110/220, 50/60Hz manual select
  • Output voltage: 0-30V DC
  • Output current: 0-10A DC
  • Display resoulation: voltage 0.1V , current 0.01A
  • Load regulation: <0.3%
  • Ripple Noise: ≤80mVp_p

Why you should get this?

Portable design, easy to carry, and device net weight no less than 1.3kg. It can be used for notebooks, mobile phones, flat-panel maintenance, etc. It can also be used for testing electronic components in products such as DC motors, inverters, short circuits, inverters, and other products, and so on. What else do you need more?

5: YIHUA 305D-IV Regulated Variable DC Lab Power Supply

The 5th position in our ‘Top 5 bench power supplies’ list goes to the YIHUA 305D – IV DC power supply. This SMPS (Switch-Mode Power Supply) provides reliable power delivery and accurate readings. The power supply supports fine & coarse current adjustments from 0A to 5A and fine & coarse voltage adjustments from 0V to 30V. You can use this power supply for electronic projects, professional phone/laptop repairs, scientific projects, product R&D, electronic assembly lines, and more.

This power supply features an LED screen that shows the Voltage, Current, and Power parameters. A current display shows up to every mA (milliamps) / 0.001A and a voltage display that reads up to every 10 mV (millivolts) / 0.010V. This LCD screen also shows the status of C.C. or C.V. Modes, Over-Voltage Protection, and Constant Current Protection.

The power supply is equipped with a complete over-voltage and constant current protection circuit to help protect the components/devices that you’re powering. In these modes, the power supply locks either voltage or current value in their respective modes to prevent overloading and protect the device at work.

Key features:

  • Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
  • A.C. 110V 50/60Hz U.S. Spec
  • Over-Voltage ProtectionCurrent-Limit Protection
  • Constant Current (C. C. Mode)
  • Constant Voltage (C. V. Mode)
  • Output: 0 – 30.00V / 0 – 5.000A
  • Voltage Readings: Up to 0.010V (10 millivolt)
  • Current Readings: Up to 0.001A (1 milliamp)
  • Wattage Readings: Up to 000.1W

Why you should get this?

YIHUA is a well-known brand in power supply manufacturing. You can rely on this power supply. This is a great unit to have if you’re working with mobile phones & small electronic projects with different voltage and current requirements for safe operations. You can adjust different parameters to suit the specifications of different devices without having to purchase a dedicated adaptor for each of them.

Power supply selection guide:


Two types of power supplies are available on the market. Linear and Switch Mode. Each of them has individual benefits. SMSP is light in weight but delivers more power in the same size ratio. Linear on the other hand gives cleaner power, especially for sensitive analog circuits. So before you buy anyone thinks about your work. Or get two types of power supplies.


Maximum voltage and current range are other points you should keep in mind. The average range is 30V & 10A. But in some cases, higher voltages may require with the current rating. Either you can use multiple power supplies or use one of higher range.


Another point is how many channels your power supply should have. Normally single channel is enough but a dual or quad-channel may require for a special type of works. It totally depends on the requirement.


Of course, you should take the maximum accurate one within your range. It’s a lab power supply. Not a funny toy.

Final thought:

Before selecting one to buy, you need to give a deep final thought. What type of work you do, what range you need, what type of device you work with, and finally what is your pocket size. Different manufacturers make different types of power supplies based on different requirements. The most suitable one you should get.


Here in this post, we come to know the top 5 bench power supplies. Based on your work you can now select the right one for your workbench. Besides all the features, you should also consider your future plan. I think this article will help you a bit. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe.


Also let me know what you want to get as the next article, comment below!

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