PCB design is one of the major tasks in electronics. Everyone wants to design his/her own PCB. Here is some top-listed PCB design software you can use.

  1. Altium Designer
  2. Fusion 360
  3. NI Multisim
  4. KiCad EDA
  5. Autodesk EAGLE
  6. DipTrace
  7. Ultiboard
  8. ExpressPCB Plus
  9. Easy EDA
  10. SolidWorks PCB

These are not all, there are many more PCB design software out there. But what software you will learn or which one will be suitable for you is depends on you.

A PCB design software helps users to do lots of works with their circuits. Some of them have 3D visualization, some have 2D only. But it’s all depends on your requirement what software you want to use.


If you are an expert and going to make large-scale complex designs, the Altium is the best. If you think you are not going that far, then you can start with something easier like Express PCB.

I’ve been working with medium-scale PCB software since 2012, and till now, I think this software is enough and powerful for my work up to 4 layers. But for a large scale, I use Altium. In my early works, I used DipTrace too. But because of the high price of this two software, I switched to this software. So here is the software that I really recommend for a beginner to medium-scale designers.

Sprint-Layout 6.0 :

This software is not so expensive, but it has all the necessary features a 2D PCB design software should have. I can make any library and do not need to search for any. It’s totally user-friendly.

I’ve been making some tutorials on this software. You can visit my YouTube channel to watch them.

Besides the PCB software, you need a good PCB manufacturer. I’ve got PCBs manufactured by several companies. Some are from China, some are from the USA. But it really matters what type of PCB you want and what is your budget.

I can say frankly, that if you compare with Price vs Quality, then it really differs JLCPCB.com separate from anyone else.

Frankly speaking, you can give this combination a try. I hope you’ll not be unsatisfied.

PCB Design Service:

If you need any help in designing a PCB, here I’m. Feel free to ask. We design lot’s of PCBs for different products, especially for embedded systems and power electronics. Our PCB design charge is not so high, we take only what we should take to complete the job.

Thank you.