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Here are some useful Electronic tools and Calculators from different websites. Credit goes to those who created these tools. Here I just collected them in one. I’m personally giving thanks to them who gave their intelligence to create these tools.

Disclaimer: Electricity is always dangerous. Skill required to work with electricity. Do work at your own risk. The author will not be responsible for any misuse or harmful act. This website contents are also copyright protected. Anything copied and directly posted on your website and claiming it as yours is prohibited and nonsensical. The author published all the articles as open source to help you to make your project and learning purpose only. Learn and make one for yourself. If need any help feel free to ask the author. The author will be helpful to you. Thanks.

Tools and Calculators for Resistors:

Different types of calculators for resistors are here. Click on the button of that calculator which you need. You can bookmark this single page in your browser. So that you can get all relevant calculators on a single page. No need to search individual links. Here are all useful links on one single page.

all resistor calculators

Tools and Calculators for Capacitor:

all capacitor tools and calculators

For Inductors:

inductor coil

I think these electronic tools and calculators will help you in your work. Kindly don’t forget to bookmark this page and share it with your friends. Thanks & enjoy.


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Nice very help full idea.

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