Remote Controlled Fan light switch

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Remote-controlled switches are very popular in the market also very demanded too. Besides these, the switch is very helpful for disabled persons and children too as there is no need to touch the switch physically. The switch can be operated far from 30ft on average depending on remote battery condition. Anyway, let me introduce one of my products here.

Disclaimer: Electricity is always dangerous. Proper skill is required to work with electricity. Do work with your own risk. The author will not be responsible for any missus or harmful act. Most of the projects published here are opensource; anything copying and directly posting on your website and then claiming it as your is a prohibited and nonsensical act. A project can be open-sourced, but to make a working product needs lots of efforts. As products make money from a business, products are not free, but knowledge will always be free. If you want to grow your business using our products, you should pay for that. Thanks.

The remote switch is designed in 2 layer PCB. The circuit is well tested and designed as a product for long-life use. A compact sized form factor is maintained so that it can be fitted inside a combined box like this:

You can fit it in a blank front cover or any suitable covering.

The circuit:


  1. Power capacity: 100watt/switch
  2. Fan dimmer: 0~9 step
  3. Light: 2 steps ON/OFF
  4. Memory: YES
  5. Input voltage range: 150~260V AC, 50Hz sine wave.


You can print PCB from our PCB partner at very low cost.

Working principle:

Many people want to make this project for themselves. But this is not an open-sourced project. It is a product. If you are interested and financially solvent, you should buy one for business. But if you really want to make one, here is a flow chart you can follow for programming:

Also, it’s not a rocket science at all. I’ve posted two articles separately. One for Remote decoding and another for fan dimming. If you cleaver enough you can combine those two into one to get a device like this remote switch. Only you need to learn about capacitor power supply from this article.


If you are interested:

Developing a product needs lots of effort of brain, hand, and pocket. So a product can not be given for free. If you are interested in this product you can buy the design files (PCB + Hex) or you can order complete products (MOQ: 20pcs).

Buy using PayPal by the US $120 from worldwide, or BDT: 10,000.00 from Bangladesh. Note that the complete product can be shipped only inside Bangladesh.

To buy from Bangladesh kindly pay through bKash (personal): 01972448270 then, fill this order form below:

Once payment is verified, the files will be sent to your email.


Most of the articles posted in this blog are educational and many people have benefited from those. But everyone has a mouth to eat and somehow that has to be earned from their work in a valid way. Here some of the articles are posted on some products which need lots of effort. I think that effort should be paid a little.

That is why, I’m requesting you if you are interested in this product kindly buy it rather than asking for free. Thank you.



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Thank you sir for the information. Very soon, I would like to patronize you sir. There is something, I would like to discuss with you sir, which will require to pay for the service.

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    Thanks. What thing?

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