In some cases, Logging Data to Excel from Arduino become necessary for data analysis especially when a graphical analysis of multiple data is necessary. At the same time, we can use Arduino or any kind of device that is sending data to a PC, we can log them. Let’s see how.



Step#1: Setup your device

First, set up your device with a USB or Serial cable so that the device can send data to the PC. If you use Arduino, then connect your Arduino and open the serial terminal to ensure data is coming. Then ensure data rate I mean baud rate. Say 9600 or 115200 or so…

excel data streamer
A sample of the ‘data logger’ device

Step#2: Setup your Excel

Microsoft Excel has a feature named Data Streamer. Download it and install it. After installation, you have an option on the top of your Excel file.

excel data streamer

On the top-left corner, you have an option to ‘Connect a Device‘. Connect your device to your PC and click this option.

excel data streamer

Now, you have the option and select your device from the list. And then click on Start Data.

excel data streamer

This will start the data to show, but it won’t record yet. Now, you have to click on ‘Record Data‘ to log your data. But, in some cases, if your data is not coming according to the default settings of Excel, then it won’t show anything. The default baud rate of Excel is 9600. If your data is coming in a different baud rate, then click on ‘Advance‘.

excel data streamer

Now, you have an option to set up the Baud Rate. Select yours and select Data Rows.

Once I select my one, then it starts recording the data instantly.

excel data streamer

Note: For multiple channels, simply keep a coma (,) between the channel data like this:

And you’ll get the result in Excel like this:

Step#3: Save and create the graph

Now, run the device and record the data according to your requirement. Once data is recorded, simply click ‘Stop Recording‘ which will stop recording and allow you to save a copy.

now you can create graphs from your data.

excel data streamer

Now, you can do whatever you need, even with multiple channel data.


I think, now you can log your data to an external file and create graphs easily. Thanks, Microsoft for the add-on. And now, we are able to explore more. Hope this helped you.

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