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PICKit2 is one of the most common programmers for PIC micro-controller. PICKit2 and PICKit3 are available in the market. Besides, you can make your own PIC programmer using the PICKit2 colon Simplified version. In this article, you will see how you can make your own PICKit2. Also, there are our products, you can take help too.

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>> PICKit2 2.6 Software download link.

You may check this: PICKit2 PCB Design download

About PICKit2:

PICKit2 is a programmer of firmware burner or you can call it hex burner too for PIC micro-controllers. It is an open-sourced programmer from Microchip Electronics. The PICkit 2 is an older version of the PICkitâ„¢ 3 and does not support newer devices. For new device support and additional features, please see the PICkit 3. But for a small range of products and learning steps, this is the best.

PICKit2 Circuit diagram:

Here is the PICKit2 colon Simplified circuit diagram. Some components are changed with its equivalent one.

This the main circuit for PICKit2. But you can eliminate some parts to simplify this design. Here, U1 & U2 are used to store programs for the ‘Program to Go’ option. From simple operation, this is not required. You can omit this. Again, the VDD TGT P section is not required all the time for normal 5V MCUs. You can eliminate that block too.

After simplification, the diagram is like this:

Once you made the circuit on a board, you need to install the PICKit2 software.

PICKit2 Software:

Or simply install the software first, then you can find the firmware from C://program files/microchip/pickit2. There will be a hex file like this:

PCB [Single Layer version] :

You can design your own PCB if you wish. Besides, you can use ours too.

PICKit2 programmer

The PCB is designed in SprintLayout 6.0. You can use that or anything else. The output of this design is:


If you are interested then you can get the design files. But as to design such a product lots of effort is required. So you should pay a little for that.

Buy the Gerber files with PayPal for $5.0 only


In this article, you learned about PICKit2. Besides, you can follow our designs or even you can buy the Gerber file from us. Now you can make your own programmer I wish.

Thanks, and enjoy.


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